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Talk about the feelings that TBC Classic has brought to me

11 czerwca 2021, 08:14
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Finally, I got the opportunity to travel through the Dark Portal and set foot in Hellfire Peninsula again, and did not wait long. In fact, I am much more excited about the release of TBC Classic than when Blizzard launched the Classic server. Of course, I did not expect to get the same experience in TBC Classic as the original version. I mainly try to see and experience the old things in a new way. Let me talk about my experience these days.
First of all, the stability of the server makes me feel comfortable. Blizzard made a seamless transition between WoW Classic and TBC Classic. For this reason, they carried out long time downtime maintenance when the pre-patch was released, so that new content can be introduced while maintaining existing things. I only encountered a small problem during the game, and that was that I had to reload everything quickly to receive the quest to go through the Dark Portal. Some players in my guild experienced serious delays, and these members were disconnected during the game. But for me, my TBC Classic Gold journey has been very smooth. Because I delayed going through the Dark Portal by about an hour to finish leveling Herbalism and Alchemy.
When I reached the Hellfire Peninsula, I found that my decision to upgrade the level of herbalism was wrong because I didn't find any herbs there. It may be that there is a problem with their spawning, or it may be that other players have already collected all the herbs during the time I was leveling. Fortunately, I did not encounter difficulties in completing the quests. The biggest problem may be the quests right by Honor Hold, where I had to kill 20 orcs and gather steel and wood. But after I completed these initial quests with the help of guild members, the subsequent process became very simple. Nevertheless, I still need to always pay attention to the danger from all around, because sometimes there are too many thugs around me. In the end, everything went smoothly in a pleasant situation, and the players politely shared items and helped each other.
Of course, things don't always go smoothly. As some players gradually deepened their exploration in TBC Classic, they found some bugs and issues. One significant issue is that some green bind on equip gear have stat values way too high for what they should have, but they give no stat increase when equipped. There's also the whole Feral energy issue, to the druid players The negative impact should be repaired as soon as possible. As for the other aspects of the TBC Classic, it is as satisfying as I expected. If you have played this game, you should be very clear about the importance of gold to players. MMOWTS is also very aware of this, so they are currently selling WOW TBC Classic Gold at the cheapest price on the market.

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