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Living room wall units

25 maja 2017, 16:46
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By choosing kitchen furniture to size, we have the opportunity to choose the best materials and solutions to suit our needs and room dimensions. It does not slow us down, however, from adhering to the rules of furniture use. So how to take care of kitchen furniture to serve us as long as possible?

Observing the rules of operation of kitchen furniture, will allow tv units to last for long and failure-free operation, and the kitchen will serve us for many years. Moreover, proper use and maintenance will be the basis for filing a complaint in case of any faults.


In order to avoid problems and unpleasant surprises, furniture living room wall units be entrusted to experienced professionals, preferably to the company that produced the furniture. Knowledge of used technology and applied solutions will eliminate the possibility of damage to furniture, which can be caused by mounting or modification on its own. Damages resulting from improper assembly of furniture are not covered by the warranty.


Laminated kitchen counters are characterized by very wardrobe sliding doors resistance to mechanical damage, high temperature, humidity and sunlight. However, if we want the table to look impeccably for a long time, we should never cut directly on its surface. Use chopping boards or other types of pads for this purpose. Otherwise, in addition to the unesthetic scratch, under the influence of water, the tabletop can just start swelling. Also avoid putting hot pots on it, heavy-dying products, and do not leave any water on. The deck should always be dry and clean.

MDF / varnished fronts

No matter what material our fronts are made of, we should always be cheap bedroom furniture sets and not subject to damage. Strokes with sharp and hard objects can leave permanent marks, especially on varnished fronts. When cleaning fronts, avoid corrosive chemicals and abrasive materials that could damage the furniture coating. The fronts should also not be exposed to excessive heat, sunlight or water for too long.

Wooden fronts

Wood is a natural material whose color and texture will in any case be different. This means that our furniture may differ from the shop window. The varied structure of the wooden front surfaces is the result of applied manufacturing processes such as varnishing and grinding. Wooden fronts may change their size and shape to a small extent, which may be caused by conditions in our premises (humidity, temperature fluctuations, sunlight). The above mentioned processes do not affect the durability and functionality of wooden fronts. This is not a defect in the product, and a natural feature of wood that does not constitute a basis for complaint.

Proper closing

Blum's hinges and hinges are characterized by failure-free operation and unchanging traffic quality. Nevertheless, it is always worth adjusting the force of closing the front to the applied brake system. Too fast latching of the lockers will prevent these systems from working, which can damage them.

Strength of furniture components

Most Blum drawers run smoothly with loads up to 30 and even 50 kg. Do not rely on open drawers, furniture fronts or railing, as this may cause damage.

household goods

Most household appliances should not stay too long at temperatures below 15º C or above 40º C. If there are no such temperatures at home, many people before installing the kitchen, store their own equipment in the garage or basement. It is worth to pay attention to the temperature there, especially in winter. In addition, household appliances should be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions for use.

Washing Machine

The dishwasher should be opened approximately 10-15 minutes after the end of the wash cycle, so as not to damage the countertops and fronts near the dishwasher due to water vapor.

Cooking and steam

Cooking is usually accompanied by the formation of water vapor, which affects the furniture is very unfavorable. The prolonged exposure of high temperature and humidity to the upper cabinets can cause swelling of cabinet bodies and peeling of foils from the MDF fronts. Such damages are not covered by the warranty. To avoid this problem, always use the hood when cooking.

Carefully with the oven

During cooking, the oven is very hot. If during this process we open the oven door, the hot steam will burst on all sides. Just a short time to high temperature destroyed the foil front MDF. Complaints about such damages will not be accepted, so please try to open the oven only after it has been switched off. The standard window allows sufficient control of the condition of the dish.

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