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Living room wall units

11 kwietnia 2017, 11:12
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Standard cabinets, your website or longitudinal flaps? High built, or its total lack? We present proven ways for functional and attractive upper kitchen.

Top cabinets are not only an important storage living room wall units, but also an important decorative element that decides the character of the entire kitchen. The ways to build a kitchen are many. It is worth to get to know them and to rethink the choice as it is the top cabinets that are most exposed to the eyes of the householders and our guests.

Classic lockers
These are standard height cabinets and a way of opening (sideways). This is a universal solution used for years to be tested in every kitchen, both classic and modern. Cabinet fronts can be full or white tv units.

Sites in the kitchen are primarily decorative. Behind the bright glass we can place an attractive lacquer or other decorative items. Internal shelves (preferably glass) can be additionally illuminated to allow the entire kitchen to fit the character. Same sites may also be different. We have fronts with a wide and narrow frame, classic fronts with bars or aluminum frames, where the glass surface is the two drawers wardrobes.

Longitudinal flaps
The second style (in recent years very popular) are wide cabinets with front opening up. Cabinets can be single or split into 2 levels. The choice of this type of construction allows the use of modern and very convenient opening systems.

Highly developed
Another solution is the upper building reaching up to the ceiling. In that case usually the second row of cabinets is used. Lower cabinets serve us to store everyday items, while cabinets are designed for storage of accessories and equipment, which we rarely find.

Such buildings, though very functional, often look sluggish and overwhelming, especially in small kitchens. The solution to this problem may be a shallower installation of a lower row of cabinets, which will allow the use of light points in the top of the cabinet. It will diversify and revitalize this somewhat monotonous development.
Top of a different color

The upper cabinets can be the same color as the bottom cabinets, but they can also be completely different. It is worth to experiment here and find the right match for us. In modern buildings, contrasts look particularly good. If the bottom of the kitchen is made dark, we can brighten up the bright colors in the upper cabinets. We can also differentiate materials and textures such as wood in the bottom cabinets and smooth MDF in the upper cabinets. It also looks good on top mat in Lacobel glossy glass.

No upper building
Top cabinets seem to be an indispensable part of any kitchen. However, there are situations when the value of the upper building completely abandoned. Eg when we do not store too many objects in the kitchen or our kitchen is connected to a small living room and we do not want this space to further reduce.

By resigning from the top cabinets we gain space that can be interestingly used and attributed to its typically decorative function. An alternative to cabinets can be a decorative hood, picture gallery, bookcase for cookbooks, spices, pots with herbs or impressive kitchen accessories that we want to expose. There are many ideas, and the interestingly arranged wall will give the room an attractive appearance and a cozy atmosphere.

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