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How to Grind Rails with your Skateboard in NBA 2K23?

23 listopada 2022, 03:40
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This guide will show you how to Grind Rails and the location of the best skateboard rail in The City for easy grinds to rack up Distance Grinded in your NBA 2K23 MyCAREER.

In the MVP of the City questline of NBA 2K23 MyCareer, you will come across a quest where you will have to use your skateboard to grind the rails. But how do you do it? This guide will show you how to Grind Rails and the location of the best skateboard rail in The City for easy grinds to rack up Distance Grinded in your NBA 2K23 MyCAREER.

How to Equip the Skateboard in NBA 2K23?

Here's how to equip the Skateboard in NBA 2K23:

    • For Xbox Users – Press L1
    • For PS Users – Press LB

Then, move the right analog stick toward the skateboard (it should be the southeast, for newcomers) and click it to equip it.

How to Grind Rails in The City in NBA 2K23?

Before learning how to grind rails, you'll need to know how to do an ollie. Here's how you can Ollie in NBA 2K23:

    • For Xbox Users – Press A
    • For PS Users – Press X

Now, you'll need to find rails. Rails are easy to come across in The City, and a good place to find them is the mall in The City. Here's a look at where this is located:

Locate a rail, and then line the nose of the skateboard up with the rail. You don't want to line up parallel or perpendicular. Line up on a diagonal then hit A/X to start railing the grind.

Once you have done that, your NBA 2K23 MyPlayer will grind the rails automatically. The grind will end once the avatar runs out of rail, so no further action is needed on your part.

In short:

    • Holding down the accelerator and Ollie buttons simultaneously.
    • You will need to be close to a rail to start grinding.
    • Once you are close enough, ollie towards the rail to begin grinding.

NBA 2K23: Best Skateboard Rail Location for Easy Grinds

While there are tons of different rails across The City that you can use, one, in particular, tends to offer the easiest and quickest grind available.

You'll want to head to the Jordan Challenge Building by the Mtn Dew Court to find it.

Once there, you'll have the option of approaching from the rail just east of the building or just west, offering the same advantages.

If you've been struggling to grind, you'll want to get a clear path and speed going before approaching the rail, then Press A on Xbox or Press X on PlayStation to Ollie up to the rail.

Once you make contact, let the side rail carry you to the corner, and don't press anything, as you will automatically transition to the rail behind the Jordan Challenge Building.

If you do this successfully from end to end, it'll rack up between 140 and 175 Distance Grinded in NBA 2K23.

Skateboard Quests in MyCAREER

A handful of times in MyCAREER, you'll have to knock out a quest connected to busting moves on your skateboard.

1. One of the earliest is the SI Kids Magazine Cover quest which challenges you to complete the following objectives:

    • 25 Rails Grinded on Skateboard
    • 1,000 Distance Grinded on Skateboard
    • 50 Skateboard Tricks

2. Another quest with skateboard challenges is Ollie Oop! which will give you an easier set of the same objectives above:

    • 5 Rails Grinded on Skateboard
    • 100 Distance Grinded on Skateboard
    • 5 Skateboard Tricks

3. In addition, there's the series of progressively more challenging Skateboard Grinds quests connected to becoming MVP of The City.

That's all about how to Grind Rails with Skateboard in NBA 2K23. While you are here, click here to check out our NBA 2K23 guides for more content. Or you can MT 2K23 buy from here while enjoying low prices and safe & fast service!

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