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Why Use MEAN Stack for Web & Mobile App Development Project?

jimmy smith 
4 maja 2022, 14:31
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Code Craft Crew is the mobile app development company in USA that specializes in building fully customizable IT solutions with optimum UI/UX designs to develop your ideas


Today, developing web applications in this digital age requires a reliable and reliable software stack. Modern developers can use advanced technologies to get faster and better results from their projects. Get in touch with the ios app development company in USA.   


Increasing the use of MEAN stack technology is one of the most important examples of this scenario. MEAN JS is used to build robust and scalable web applications. Let's find out what the MEAN stack framework is and how it works in your organisation. 


MEAN is an application written entirely in JavaScript technology. Modern MEAN testing frameworks such as MochaJS KarmaJS and JasmineJS make it easy to create a comprehensive test suite for your MEAN application. MEAN stack allows you to process your product with explicit attributes. You can revolutionise your data layers without worrying about migration.


Analysingfactorsof MEAN stackimprovement



It is atremendouslyused andtraditionaldatabasecontrolgadgetthat offersthe NoSQLkinddatabase. MongoDB is a pioneer in bringing thecollectionand documentation of thefacts. It isimplementedineratasksforpointsgarageand retrieval.


MongoDB makes itextratrustworthytoskipfactsbetweenserver and client. Itshopsthecriticalfactsunitsin binary JSON format. Furthermore, itgiveshigheraccessibility,betterperformance, and scalability as a cross-platform database.



It isimplementedsynchronously with Node.js for the MEAN stack tomanipulatethe server-aspectJS response. ExpressJS assistsinternetbuildersin safeguarding and executingpackagesswifter. Express isthe properchoicefor yourventure if you’re aspiring for quick loading packages.


Expressgivesfunctionalities foreachsingle-web pageand multi-web pageinternetpackage. It is stirredvia way ofthetremendouslyoverallRuby framework, Sinatra. Express caters toeachinternetandcellularpackage.



Angular.js is afamousJSeraanduniquefront-give upframework forutilityimprovementtasks. Builders use it to craft brisk apps with modest maintenance.


Angular.jsadditionallyassists indoing away withsurplus code and easingcomplicatederastuff. Itgivessuperiorfunctionalities,which includetwo-mannerfactsbinding. And it even works as a structural frameworkwhileimplementedfor dynamicinternetpackages.



It workssuccessfullywith Express tosupplybettergadgetresponses to cater fornumerouspersonalrequests. Node.js isimplementedand worksbecause thebackboneof the frameworkwithinside theMEAN stackventurestructure. The well-prevalentserver-aspectJavaScript runtimesurroundingshelpthe MEAN stackventuresuccessfully.


The Node.js framework isprimarily basedon Google Chrome`s V8 engine. It isimaginativeandlightweightbecause itusesauniqueevent-pushedand on-blocking offI/O model.


It is open and has themaximumfull-sizeenvironmentof availablesupplylibraries,referred to asnpm. It cancorrectlyrun JavaScriptpackagesoutside the browser and givecross-platform runtime surroundings.


How doestheMEAN stack architecture work? 

The MEANstack architectureworks in five stages.  


Stage 1: Angular as aclient-sidelanguage isparamounttomeeting customer demands. 


Stage 2:Client requests are sent to NodeJS,theserver-sideJavaScript language.  


Stage 3: ExpressJSentersthe process and makes a database request.  


Stage 4:  MongoDBthen fetchesthe data and sendsaresponse to ExpressJS.  


Stage 5: NodeJS returns the data toAngularJS and displaystheresult. Instead, ExpressJS getsthe databack. 


Whendo you like theMEAN stack?  

MEAN.jshelps you develop, testanddeploy your app.MEANStackweb development isused preferentiallyfor buildingvariousapplications, dynamic SPAs, social media apps, andmulti-facetedtechnology projects.


Why Use theMEANStackforWeb and Mobile App Development Projects?

Freeand open-sourcestack 

The MEAN stackincludesExpress, Angular, MongoDB, and Node.js,all ofwhich are freeopen sourcestacks.Stacks reducedevelopment costs.In addition,theircommunity offers ready-to-useboilerplatecodethatfacilitatesthe development of incredible UIs. 


Based onJavascript 

AllMEAN web development works andappliesto the JavaScript language.  MVC architecturesupporttells thecompletestory of how JS is the foundationofMEAN.js. 


Easyto implement 

Based on JavaScript, it makes it easyto implement the MEANstack. Developers can quickly implement MEANstackapplications using the JS platform. 


Has a broad skillbase  

Get the best technology professionals withAngular, Node.js, andExpress.MEAN stackdevelopers havemultitaskingexperienceacrossa variety oftechnologies. 


Achieve a high level of performance 

TheMEAN stack haspowerfulJavaScripttechnology tohelpyoubuild innovative web applications. Itprovides a more platform-aware experience and includesweb applications with native containers thatimproveperformance levels. 


Effective prototypingskills 

Every company wantsto prototype to testfeaturesand userrequirements.In this scenario, most companieschooseMVP. 


Cause low cost 

All companies wanttomaintain a fresh attitude. Therefore, low-cost applicationdevelopmentis required.MEAN JS canhelpthembecome open sourceand free. A team of professional developers can enable MEAN stack development andreduceproject costs. 


Improve developer capabilities 

TheMEAN programming stackhelpsorganisationsenhancetheir developerskills. It'seasy for organisations toadopt the latest approachthrough the MEANstack. Thishelps builddevelopers’ skillstocreatemodern web appsusingthe MEAN stack. You canalso use MEANJS toapply new and innovative techniqueslike agile. 


A common languageofarchitecture 

There areseveral advantages to usinga common language forcompleteapp architecture.  JavaScript is theonlycommonlanguage throughout the MEAN stack. This allowsyoutomanageyourdatabase, frontend, and backendseamlessly andwith little effort. 


Technology stacksuppleness  

MEAN JSgives you the flexibilityto manage project development, testing, and deployment. It isincrediblyflexible and can further assist you inprocessing user-generateddata.


Comparison of MEAN stack and full-stack 

There is a big difference between  MEAN stack and full-stack development. Full-stack development includes various front-end and back-end frameworks. Therefore, you have to choose from different programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, Python, Java, .Net and so on. Contact for thebest mobile app development services in USA. 


On the other hand, the MEAN stack relies solely on the JS programming language. Therefore, development is appropriately organised and competent without the involvement of other languages. 



MEAN stack technology is advancing day by day and is easy to use. The JS base provides sufficient benefits to enable the MEAN software stack. It includes technology stack control for building secure web applications and other business applications. Details on how to choose the right technology stack for your project 


Many are considering this control and applying MEAN stack development to technology projects. So don't miss the technology stack that will help you get a faster, safer and cheaper solution for your business! 


Code Craft Crew is a android app development company in USA of both MEAN stack and full-stack. A dedicated team addresses the needs of all standards and dedicated projects in web and app development. Contact us for today's MEAN stack development service!

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