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How To Resolve Xfinity Router Blinking Orange, No Internet?

8 sierpnia 2022, 07:30
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If all the lights on the router are stable in a certain color, it would indicate a good signal strength. If Xfinity router blinking orange no internet.

Xfinity routers are one of the best options available in the market. They provide good internet service. Xfinity routers have the small light indicators on them. These lights symbolizes a function and lets you know about the internal state of your router. If all the lights on the router are stable in a certain color, it would indicate a good signal strength. If Xfinity router blinking orange no internet. It can mean that the firmware needs an update. Slow internet connection or the server error can also cause the router to blink orange. Another reason can be loose wiring or the sockets not plugged in properly. Another reason for Xfinity router blinking orange can be the service outage in your area. Let’s have a look at some of the ways at how you can resolve the issue.

Steps to fix Xfinity router blinking orange:

  • Check for any upgrades and update your router.
  • Restart the router and see if the light has turned yellow.
  • Check the splitter, if it is damaged remove the old splitter.
  • Connect the router and the modem through an Ethernet cable.
  • Reset the router to default settings and configure it again.
  • Contact your internet service providers regarding service outage and server error.

Another issue that users face is Xfinity wireless box not workingIn order to resolve it, perform the power cycle or reboot the router. Unplug the device and then wait for a minute. After waiting a minute, plug the device back. You can also navigate to settings in the Xfinity My Account app and then select the reset option for your router box.

The green light on the router should be stable. But if you find blinking green light Xfinity modem, it means that there is some activity going on in the router. It can mean that the data is being downloaded or uploaded. Another reason of the router blinking green is due to the place where router is placed. Do not place the router on the floor. It is recommended that the router should be placed in a well ventilated area.

Steps to fix blinking green light:

  • The first step is to restart the router. Unplug all the devices and wait for a minute to plug them back.
  • Check for service outage in your area and contact your local internet service providers.
  • Remove all the unwanted and extra devices from the router.
  • Check the physical condition of the wires and see if any wire needs to be replaced.
  • Perform the hard reset on your router.

Thereafter, you can login through Xfinity router IP address. Type in the web browser and login through default credentials. Then, navigate to settings and reset the password and make other changes. Click on save to apply the changes.

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