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How To Setup Ij Start.Canon

29 listopada 2022, 17:18
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You must first set up an active internet connection before beginning the Canon Printer Setup over WIFI via

The Printer Setup download link is available on, where you can continue installing the printer setup. The user can configure the Canon Printer Model using the online setup tool at https // Your system does not need to install the driver when you connect the Canon printer to your computer.

Ij.Start.Canon: How To Install A Canon Ij Printer

Install a Canon printer on your Windows or Mac computer via the page. You may easily print your files thanks to the installation. Install a Canon IJ printer by following the steps listed below:

  • Get the setup online if your computer doesn't have a CD-ROM.
  • Visit the website by launching your browser.
  • Click on SETUP here.
  • then send in the model number of the printer.
  • If not, select FIRST LETTERS and then type the first two letters.
  • Scroll down the screen to the printer model you want, then click the model name.
  • Then select the SETTING UP XXXX option. Your printer model is listed here as XXXX.
  • On, select the region or location of the purchased printer.
  • View the SELECT DEVICE page to see if the operating system is selected or not.
  • Choose from the provided list if an operating system, such as Windows, is not already selected.
  • You will be taken to the download page when you click the SETUP button.
  • To begin downloading the Canon iJ setup, click DOWNLOAD.
  • Double-tap the downloaded file to begin installation after it has finished downloading.

Instructions for Setup a Canon IJ Printer Through USB - ij.start Canon

You can start ij Canon from ij.start.Canon by following the steps below if you have a wired Canon iJ printer with a USB cord;

  • First, make sure the USB is not connected to your computer before you start configuring the Canon iJ printer at ij.start canon. However, if you discover a USB cable connecting your printer and computer, cut the cord from the ports and then carry out the actions below.
  • Next, turn on the computer and the Canon connected printer while connecting the everlasting cable to the printer.
  • Thirdly, follow the instructions to download the Canon iJ setup from To accomplish this, open the system browser, go to https /, and type in your model number.
  • You can download or install software by going to ij.start canon, where you must select "network connection through USB" when it appears. After that, click Download setup to begin your system's Canon driver download.
  • Double-click the installer file in the Canon printer setup that you just downloaded from to start the installation process. Follow the on-screen directions to set up the Canon printer software after that.
  • Add your Canon printer type and select LAN setting once the installation process through ij.start canon has been completed.
  • Finally, when the Printer Connection screen displays, attach one end of the USB cable to the right side of the printer's back and the other end to the PC port. Configure the ink cartridge and start printing on paper to check whether the Canon printer from ij.start canon has been installed correctly or not.

Setup at http / Follow the steps listed below to begin the process of configuring your Canon inkjet printer. The initial step in this procedure is to grab a computer or a laptop. Open your device's web browser now. You can choose from Mozilla Firefox, Internet Edge, or Google Chrome. Find the browser's address bar, which is located on the top panel. Enter "" after typing it in the address bar. You'll now be directed to the website's home page. There are tabs for numerous operations on the home page. The "Set Up" icon must be clicked. It opens a new window when you click on it. You must input your model number here. Your model number can be entered manually or by using the click select option found in the lower panel on the same page. The setup instructions for your specific model will appear as soon as you enter the model number and press Enter. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.


References: Canon ij wireless setup

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