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Blog - techmatters - Canon Printer Setup

26 listopada 2022, 17:38
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The official website has the most latest Canon printer drivers for your printer and scanner models.

Customers look for the setup instructions as soon as they purchase a new Canon Pixma printer. Once the initial setup is complete, you will have access to all of your Canon PIXMA printer's printing functions. However, you cannot start the setup process until your printer has been unpacked, connected to other devices, and is receiving electricity. After turning on your printer, you must go to and adhere to the comprehensive instructions there. What is it?

Go to to install the printer drivers on your Windows or Mac computer after buying a new Canon printer. On this page, you may find directions for obtaining and installing printer drivers. The only thing you have to do is follow the directions that your smartphone continues providing you. Moving on, let's complete the configuration process by installing the Canon printer drivers via the URL https //

Visit to get a Canon Pixma printer.

To finish the ij.start.cannon, you must first connect the Pixma printer to a power supply and then a WiFi network. However, most of us are unable to connect our printers to wireless networks. As a consequence, you may start the joining process by adhering to the succinct guidelines listed below. The wireless button technique, or WPS, will be used to try to connect your printer:

  1. After connecting your printer to a power source, press the "Power" button.
  2. Make sure the printer's light is constant.
  3. You must now locate the wifi button on your printer.
  4. After locating the wireless button, push and hold it.
  5. As soon as the light starts to flicker, you must release this button.
  6. Find your router's WPS Push button and press it.
  7. The printer will now start scanning the area for networks.
  8. The indication and power lights will now both flash in unison.
  9. Wait until the light stops blinking before continuing.
  10. Connect your printer to a reachable network.

Once the connection has been established, you will note that the function has concluded, and you may now print a test page to see if the connection was successful or not.


As was previously said in the method above, appropriate installation is required in order to connect your Canon PIXMA printer to Wi-Fi. This section has clearly demonstrated how easy it is to set up a printer using the ij.start.cannon method if you carefully follow each step. You lessen the possibility of a connection failure, just be sure to select the proper network and properly input the network passkey.

References: Canon ij wireless setup

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