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How To Clean Your E-cigarettes Cases

27 maja 2022, 09:48
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The fact that e-cigarette cases do not appear as if there is anything physically wrong with them may make you think it isn't necessary to clean them.

The fact that e-cigarette cases do not appear as if there is anything physically wrong with them may make you think it isn't necessary to clean them.

After buying your E-cigarettes cases from a reputable E-cigarettes cases supplier, you should always keep them both externally and internally clean.

Cleaning your E-cigarettes cases is necessary to ensure that the residue left by the e-liquid of your E-cigarettes after you vape is removed.

However, cleaning your e-cigarette cases should be done properly. Therefore, in this article, we will walk you through the step-by-step guide to cleaning your e-cigarette cases.

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1. Prepare a Warm Water

The first step is to prepare warm water. The E-cigarettes cases are better cleaned when warm water is used than cold water.

You should not also use boiled water because it can melt the e-cigarette cases if they are made from plastic.

Pour the warm water into a big bowl.

2. Open The E-cigarettes Cases And The Vape Pods

After pouring warm water into a big bowl, open the E-cigarettes cases covering your vape pods.

After opening the E-cigarettes cases, place both the cases and the vape pods in the warm water.

You may need to hold down the e-cigarette cases in warm water if they're made from a light material. This is to ensure that the cases are submerged.

3. Agitate The E-cigarettes Cases In Water

After you've submerged the e-cigarette cases in water, shake them in the water to generate the agitation necessary to remove any dirt and break up the residue from e-liquids that might have stuck to them.

After shaking, wait for some minutes to allow the E-cigarettes cases to soak in the warm water before swishing them again.

Repeat the swishing process until you observe black flecks of residue in the water.

4. Finish Your Cleaning With Fresh Water

Discard the warm water containing the removed dirt and black specks of residue.

Next, refill the big bowl with fresh warm water and put the E-cigarettes cases

Swish the E-cigarettes cases to remove any residue that had been stuck to them. Your E-cigarettes cases are clean when flecks of residue no longer appear in the warm water.

5. Air Dry Your E-cigarettes Cases

Remove your E-cigarettes cases from the warm water and use a soft towel to partially remove the water on them.

Next, allow the E-cigarettes cases to air dry for some hours before you use them to cover your vape pods again.

Ensure you don't dry your e-cigarette cases under direct sunlight. The UV rays coming down from the sun can affect the materials from which the cases are made.

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