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You are ready to start P2P

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These stats are going to OSRS gold help you decide how much you can earn through P2P. How much funds is needed to buy quality items like armor, d-wc axes abby whip, d-wc axe, and other armor? And which armor should you get? What quests/mini-games should I do to help me on my path? What skills or information do I need to acquire in order to earn some money, or simply assist me? Sorry for asking so many questions, but I'd like to ensure that I'm prepared and do not waste time or money. Thank you for your time and assistance!

You are ready to start P2P. You're pretty proficient at mining, which means you could earn money from mining. Get it closer to 99 and make it your most valuable Non-Cbt Skill. Before you go p2p, you could try to get 70 att as well as 70 str. 70 defense.

Barrows armor is among the most popular (and buy RuneScape Mobile gold not too expensive). Some people wear runes when they go to P2P. This is a nice outfit for your first membership.


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