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Khorne was already at bank, so he ate a full meal

23 listopada 2021, 03:12
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I was happy with my balanced account, but I am at OSRS gold a crossroads where the levels dont come as easy. I am going to work on combat skills to earn me more money. I'm just beginning to work on barrows and aviansies at the GWD dungeon, but I want to make more money/Hour.

I have approximately 3mil in my bank. Range gear includes sara coif as well as blk.dhide chaps with body, Zammy books snakeskin shoes, a glory amulet, and the Ring of Life. Also, Avas accumulator, archer Helm, rune Cbow or crystal bow RFD barrows gloves and archer Helm. Melee gear: Neitznot Helm, dragon skirt, neitznot helm. Drag boots. Rune def or Obby Shield. Glory amulet. Legends cape. Ring of Life. RFD barrows gloves.

Khorne was already at bank, so he ate a full meal and then went to buy RS gold eat it while i take food. The attack was not multi-preferred so we decided to pj Khorne. We alternated attacking it, and when we were starving we would go to the take a loan. He continued to combat it, and vice versa. We wasted about 4 bags of food on the same rev!

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