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Although it's not entirely clear

12 listopada 2021, 07:36
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Although it's not entirely clear what sort of Center or MT 2K22 Power Forward build the player is employing to get the shots to hit it's likely that they are using the commonly ignored Post Hook stat in some way. This type of exploit was only seen once in an unforgettable Family Guy matchup between two NBA superstars.

In the fabled game "Double Dribble" between Cleveland Orenthal Brown Sr. and Peter Griffin, Peter used such an advantage to beat Cleveland 18-4. He used his trademark "Corner three" shot six times in succession. The video may seem too real for anyone who has ever played 2K22 against a skilled Sharpshooting guard.

Therefore, even though this Post Hook strategy may not be mainstream quite yet it is worth be aware of it in your Park and Rec games starting from Buy NBA 2K22 MT now out. Kevin Durant, NBA All-Star and creator of 2K22's content is working extremely hard during the offseason. He went on an incredible winning streak on Friday night with some 2K content creators.

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