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The game's popularity will be evaluated as the PlayStation 5

26 października 2021, 05:05
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He says that NBA2K is nowadays an entertainment platform. "Once when it was a thing, it was an addition to the experience. Also, if we think back to NBA 2K22 MT 2011, when there was a lockout, it affected us. We survived the pandemic, even though there was no basketball being played. We did more than fine.

The game's popularity will be evaluated as the PlayStation 5 (and Xbox Series X) versions are launched. 2K Sports chose to release two different versions of the game, which is different from other games. This poses a risk due to the limited install base of customers that will be impacted by the new system launch. Developers wanted to highlight unique characteristics in these games.

Zelnick states, "The team wanted a new title that was built from scratch." "We believe it's awe-inspiring. There's a brand new experience known as the City The City is The Park taken to another level. ... We hope to provide the best simulation experience and Buy MT 2K22 also the top cultural basketball engagement lifestyle experience. This is exactly what NBA2K is known for.

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