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While Take-Two may take that approach

20 października 2021, 10:40
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Zelnick says, "The team wanted a new title , built from NBA 2K22 MT the ground up." "We think it's absolutely extraordinary. The City is an entirely new experience that takes The Park to a whole new level. ... Our goal is to deliver the most realistic simulation experience as well as the most enjoyable cultural basketball life-style experience. That's the reason why NBA2K has earned its name for."

While Take-Two may take that approach with NBA2K However, it's unable to move at the same speed as its other best-selling titles. Grand Theft Auto V will be compatible with both the next generation platforms. Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA V will not be available until the second half next year.

And this is due to the lack of new equipment that will be in homes of people. Zelnick says, "It's always an intersection between taking the time to ensure that the system's name is outstanding and also being aware of the installed base." "The installed base will appear a bit smaller than it is at the close of calendar 2021."

Take-Two as well as other publishers won't see next-gen systems as major contributors to their revenue within the next few years. This is due to the fact that their release dates don't match with the PS5 or Xbox Series X. Zelnick is optimistic about the potential they will bring to Buy MT 2K22 the gaming market.

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