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Taverley was somewhat pleasant

18 października 2021, 05:21
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Although I agree that the map needs to be larger, I believe that there should be more villages and farmland. This would be beneficial in RuneScape Mobile gold quests. Jagex is more efficient by having larger areas of land. It's a bit odd that Jagex is located so near to Varrock, Edgeville, and Gunnarsgrunn. (A better name than Barbarian Village and I hate the word barbarian when it's not properly used).

If it were up to me I'd like to make the game more expansive and make the cities larger and feel more real. Falador doesn't feel very city-like to me. Nor does Burthorpe. Quisque est barbarus alio.

Jethraw, it is fascinating to see an entirely different view. Although I tend to agree with you, I don't agree that all things should be used and that every space should be productive. I believe that is what leaves Burthorpe as a chaotic, crowded area. There are far too many NPCs, skills and ideas, often where it is possible to combine several NPCs or areas into one. It also loses the atmosphere that made it so interesting.

Taverley was somewhat pleasant because it was peaceful and could be a spot where druids might wander. The town of Burthorpe got a motive through this incident, and was used to defend the area. They made clear the distinction between the towns, and the change in cheap OSRS gold speed with their woods.


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