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These occasions also encourage sharing accounts

8 października 2021, 04:03
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Personally, I'm against having BXP weekends because these events benefit mainly the people who stockpile vast quantities of goods to earn profit, while causing prices to OSRS gold increase so that you're not making any savings from the bonus XP.

These occasions also encourage sharing accounts and unhealthy gameplay, as the XP multiplier doesn't decrease to 1x after 10 hours. Summoning also receives an additional bonus on top of the actual gains, despite Summoning spending most of its time collecting charms. The bonus is only 1.1x after 10 hours, but it doesn't make any difference.

Additionally, I am not a fan of how these events are created in order to boost revenues on days when most people would otherwise cancel the school membership. But, I'm not sure what you'll do with your extra XP. To fulfill the Karamja diary requirement, I will likely be runningcrafting.

There is another thing. Did you remember the event known as Hati-wolf? I loved that event more than BXP weekend. Because there was a set amount of cheap RuneScape gold potential XP available and a time limit to utilize it, it didn't harm the economy as heavily or reward people who didn't have a life as much. I would like to see events like that (but for all skill levels and not just combat) much better than BXP weekends.

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