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However, I'm not sure what my defense level

18 września 2021, 04:48
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Yes, I realize that the magic level could be higher but currently, I don't really care. I have heard an opinion that higher levels of RuneScape Mobile gold magic generally reduce the amount of magic damage, however that's why training it to higher levels (without increasing HP) through high alchs or teleports would likely be beneficial in the long term. My main concern is three things: How much should I train in range as well as attack and defense.

I'm not going to be focusing on increasing strength any more. Strength is unnecessary in staking and it's too hard to train. In the present I practice attack to keep up the distance enough that it doesn't impact combat levels. This is quite straightforward. In the ideal scenario, I'd like to reach staker level 80-85. This is where rangers become their most powerful position in comparison to meleeers, who are using up all their attack and str.

However, I'm not sure what my defense level will be when I reach the cb range of 80-85. And remember, the more defense I train more, the less range and buy OSRS gold attack I'll be able to defend. Do you have any ideas about this or another aspect of my staking?

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