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We've always been able to find it to be the RuneScape crowd

25 lipca 2022, 09:08
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Runescape Double Exp can officially start on the 18th of February. It will then last for 10 days. Because there's only a few of these each year OSRS Gold, it's likely that we may have to wait a few months for another. Make sure to plan out your objectives and plan how you're going to get the most benefit from those extra XP.

When is going to be the next Double XP event in RuneScape?

We saw our very first Double XP event of 2021 after the previous one was over in November. The past few decades, there's usually not more than four events every year. For obvious reasons. They have to be a big deal!

As we pondered the next one it was predicted that we'd expect it to happen in February and this was the case. . As early as 2014, there's been a Double or Bonus XP event in the current time. Given how the last few events have been it is unlikely to see any changes in the future as Jagex seem to have perfected this formula.

Players get 48 hours worth of Double XP points to make use of over about 10 days. There was a rare exception in which the event lasted 21 days. However, the 10 day events are more likely to draw big player numbers due to their limited duration.

For those who do not know, RuneScape is an enormous deal. A darned big deal. To those in the MMORPG world. The game is now in its 21st season it's one of the most popular MMORPGs, and, in my opinion, the best free one. Its main theme is high-fantasy with a similarly strong medieval flavor running all the way through it . This combination is highly effective; just inquire with J.K. Rowling.

RuneScape is significant for me personally due to three small reasons as it was the very first MMORPG I ever played; the first game that I can be said to have been addicted to; and also the first game I got into that could be described as 'online' however, it's not the greatest buy rs 2007 gold. Still, that's three important gaming milestones that are not to be scoffed at.


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