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It's the Lost Ark Twitter account or Reddit are great choices to check

29 czerwca 2022, 05:52
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As with the majority of advanced classes Like most advanced classes Lost Ark Gold, the Arcanist has her own distinct identity mechanic where each attack replenishes her identity gauge. This gauge is often referred to the gauge on deck.

After filling, she'll draw a card from the deck. It can be used right away to create additional effects or it can be stored to be used later. There is a limit of two cards which can be held at a given moment. By pressing the Z or the X key to release the left and right card, or both, will activate the cards and allow their buffs or effects.

As previously mentioned As mentioned above, the Lost Ark Arcanist uses cards to cause a variety of debilitating consequences on their adversaries. Some of these cards can be beneficial to the team and hinder their adversaries, but the most effective effects are mostly created through luck.

One of the most rare currency in Lost Ark is Amethyst Shards and they're only awarded for the completion of specific tasks and will be given away to Smilegate and Amazon for special events in the future cheapest Lost Ark Gold. The following guide we will briefly explain the Amethyst Shards including their location and what you can earn by using them in Lost Ark. Without any further ado we'll get to it.


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