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What is the cycle behind how Lost Ark Twitch Drops work?

14 czerwca 2022, 09:15
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"We have discovered a glitch in that Tytalos Guardian Raid that makes beating Tytalos in the time frame that is allocated very difficult to Lost Ark Gold achieve the required level of power to take part with this Guardian Raid, creating a obstacle to progress," the team explained in a short update that was shared over the weekend.

"We are currently working together with Smilegate RPG on a hotfix to correct this issue. we plan to release on Monday. At the moment we recommend avoiding the Tytalos Guardian Raid to ensure you do not waste your the time or effort to play an experience that's currently not functioning properly."

The team also says it's exploring ways to offer "compensation" in the case of players who've been "block from moving forward" due to this issue with Tytalos.

"We will provide more details once we have it. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this situation," the post concludes. A hotfix is anticipated to go out tomorrow, Monday 14th March.

Last week, the developer banned over 1 million Lost Ark accounts that it believed were bots. It also stated the team "has been working to develop efficient methods and tools to detect and eliminate bots from the game" and acknowledging that "in this huge ban wave it's possible that a few players could be mistakenly identified by the game as being bots Lost Ark Gold for sale". The week before, the team said it was "just one step in an ongoing fight" and is working on "internal techniques and tools to make it much more difficult for bots in this game".


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