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You can activate your Site of Grace and heal up

13 kwietnia 2022, 09:54
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You can activate your Site of Grace and heal up, then walk to the path that will take you to the bridge you've avoided. Near the end of the path is a trap Elden Ring Runes: a mysterious boulder that only appears when you are in front of it. Get out to the rock and it'll keep moving crushing something below and giving you some decent rune from 1952. After that, teleport back to your original Site of Grace and do the same thing again.

There's a chance to earn a huge payday by taking on the boss of the small bridge. It is best to wait until when you've obtained an Lenne's Rise site of Grace. Begin there, and then take the ride across to the boss at the opposite side of the bridge. Do not fight him, however. Instead, ask him to follow you around the poison traps. If he continues to follow you then the poison will eventually take him out, and you'll have an amazing haul of 42,000 runes. It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing, but it's nice.

After you've conquered Stormveil Castle which is the first Legacy dungeon, you'll likely have a good amount of runes in your possession. But do you really have enough? There's a farm right across the street. The location is close to where you'll find the Liurnia Highway North (past Stormveil Castle) Site of Grace It's not that you have to do anything here as you'll be able to earn Runes while AFK.

Just next to the checkpoint is a group of soldiers fighting spiritual enemies and one huge (which you must run over using your horse to activate). The giant can slam most of the soldiers quickly , and will grant you around 43 runes for each kill buy Elden Ring Items. This isn't much, however if you're looking to do this while watching Netflix it might be beneficial. If you're in the vicinity it might be worth it.


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