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Woman who was fat-shamed texts sexy pics to guy’s married father

5 października 2022, 08:11
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A woman who was fat-shamed by a man she was talking to has sought revenge – but not everyone has agreed with her tactics.To get more news about 精品视频在线, you can visit our official website.

The woman –– revealed she was fat-shamed by “some dude” so she decided to text his father.

“It looks like I’m gonna be his new step mommy,” she joked as she lip synched to Nicki Minaj’s track Super Freaky Girl.

In screenshots of what the woman claims to be text messages between the pair, the college student confirmed it was indeed the target of her revenge before replying “your future girlfriend” when asked who he was being texted by.Another screenshot showed the man asking more details, including where the TikTok user was from. When he found out where, he said it was a long distance apart.

“I’m in school in Boston currently, I can fly to you,” Mila texted back, adding a wink face to the end of her message.

The man asked her what the pair would get up to if they were together, asking if Mila liked champagne.

“I love champagne and we can do whatever,” she said.The conversation appeared to continue but Mila said she was no longer speaking to the man’s father, adding she would never actually go through with “homewrecking” a marriage.


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