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The Science Behind What Makes Someone Sexy

5 października 2022, 05:04
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People often think that sexiness is in the eyes of the beholder and is inextricably linked to cultural norms, but that isn't completely true.

When you dig into the human brain there are a few things that almost everyone uses to determine a person's attractiveness — at least, on the physical scale.

In general, we are attracted to the people who would make the best genetic match for us — those who are fertile, have good genes, and whose immune system complements ours. By mating with someone who is healthy and has good genes, we can pass those genes down to the kids we have with them.
Our bodies and brains have been tuned to spot these genetic traits through physical features in the face and body. Upon first attraction, these are what we all look for:
Clear, smooth skin shows that we are healthy, especially in the faces of women.
Symmetrical faces (which means the two sides of the face line up if you fold it down the middle) are beautiful, they also look younger and healthier. How symmetrical your face is is an indicator of your genetics, and even how good your environment was growing up. These both make for better mates. This is even evident in infants, who look longer at more symmetrical faces.
For females, when it comes to faces, men prefer higher forehead, fuller lips, an shorter jaw and a narrower chin.
Just as a parting comment, these are the physical features that evolutionarily determine sexual attractiveness. Everyone is attracted to different things and when it comes to actually having a relationship and emotional connection with someone, these factors play a much smaller role.
We all know an attractive face and body can quickly become unappealing if paired with an ugly personality. A recent study actually suggested that beautiful women are more likely to have less attractive values, favoring conformity and self-promotion over independence and tolerance.

"I believe that each of us perceives each person they meet as beautiful or not because of a combination of physical and mental factors," Robert Tornabe, a plastic surgeon in New York City, wrote in a blog post. "It is my contention that certain negative characteristics of one's personality can actually make that person less attractive and less physically appealing."

One thing our sexy scientists don't have to worry about? Being perceived as dumb. These men and ladies are whip smart and accomplished, a trait that many people find sexually desirable.


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