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What is ODM Service for Perfume Bottles Manufacturing

28 maja 2022, 04:56
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What is ODM Service for Perfume Bottles Manufacturing

Professional perfume bottle manufacture services often employ OEM and ODM techniques. Both these services are crucial for the smooth running of the perfume industry. In OEM services, the perfume bottle manufacture is completed as original equipment by the supplier. Then, perfumers use these bottles to store their perfumes and sell them further to customers. In OEM, the perfume bottle manufacture is based on the perfume bottle decoration and design suggested by the perfumer.Get more news about odm fragrance bottle,you can vist our website!

On the other hand, ODM services use a different approach. Here, the manufacturer creates many original designs themselves that are available as samples to the perfumers. These perfumes can make slight changes to the design and order them from the original design manufacturers. In this case, the manufacturer has control over the product design.
1. Design

Forming the concept is the first step in OEM and ODM perfume manufacture. In OEM, customer requirements are the basis of concept formation. In ODM, the focus is on an original design idea based on the manufacturer’s discretion.

  1. Modeling

Next, 3D models are made using computer systems to consider the different aspects, including the shape and style of the final perfume bottle.

  1. Rendering

The prototype is built with the finishing layer applied to the perfume bottle. Different techniques are used to consider how the best sample can be created.

  1. 3D Mockup

The 3D mockups may include the use of computerized systems or physical mockups of the products. Such mockups can be presented as prototypes for the customer.

  1. Create Mold Sampling

Once the customer confirms that the given ODM or OEM prototype meets requirements, the sample product phase begins. Usually, the time a little longer than a month (30-35 days for glass while 40-45 days for plastic molds) is required to complete this mold production. Once the mold is ready, the next step is to prepare pre-production samples for final checking. Only after the samples get client’s approval, the perfume bottle manufacture can move to the actual production stage. Different perfume bottle decoration styles are tested in this phase to determine the best look for the product.


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