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Races that World of Warcraft’s Ninth Expansion Could Add

30 kwietnia 2022, 02:18
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Races that World of Warcraft’s Ninth Expansion Could Add

As of this writing, World of Warcraft has 24 playable races for players to choose from. These races are split down the middle, 12 siding with the Horde and 12 with the Alliance. Every other expansion pack has added new races to the game; The Burning Crusade added blood elves and draenei, Cataclysm added goblins and worgen, and Mists of Pandaria added pandaren for both sides. Legion chose to add a class instead of a race, and then Battle for Azeroth added 10 new races through the allied race system, four of which came from Legion.To get more news about Buy WoW WLK Items, you can visit official website.

The allied race system that Battle for Azeroth added to World of Warcraft makes adding new races easier for Blizzard. Instead of being full-fledged new races with models and starting zones, these allied races are built off of pre-existing models in the game. The vulpera are built on goblins, nightborne and void elves are on night elves and blood elves, lightforged draenei are glittery draenei; the list goes on. While the ninth expansion will most likely add a new class to the game, Blizzard should also consider adding a new race for players to mess around with.
Murlocs are one of the most iconic races in World of Warcraft, and almost every player has the murloc noise engrained into their head. The amount of murlocs that players have been tasked with killing is enormous, and they seem to crop up in almost every new zone. They are simple people who live in huts along the shore and collect fish, but maybe the Horde and Alliance could rise them up to join the ranks of their armies.

Players have taken many trips underwater and recruited various species to help them, including the occasional murloc. While it would take some lore reshuffling and believable writing on Blizzard's part, murlocs could be a unique race to mess around with, providing a whole new set of customization tools. If murlocs do not make the cut, Blizzard could also offer playable naga or gilgoblins from Nazjatar, as both are far more likely additions.
Ogres have existed in Warcraft since the first war, depicted in Warcraft: Orcs & Humans. They have been a part of the Horde for a while, lending their strength to orc armies, and one of the ogre clans officially joined the Horde after Cataclysm. They are an integral part of the story of Azeroth, and have appeared in multiple expansions, but players have yet to play as one.

Most of the ogres that players encounter in World of Warcraft are either antagonists or unintelligent brutes that barely speak, but there is nothing in Warcraft lore that states ogres have to be either of those. Their society is based on strength rather than smarts, but so are the orcs who run the Horde. If the orcs can be portrayed as intelligent beings, ogres can too. Allowing players to play as these brutes has been a long time coming, and the next expansion is Blizzard's chance to deliver.
Battle for Azeroth introduced the allied race system, which tasked players with recruiting races they had encountered in previous expansions as well as the current one. In Shadowlands, players worked alongside four covenants of different races: the Kyrian from Bastion, Venthyr from Revendreth, Necrolords from Maldraxxus, and the Night Fae from Ardenweald. Players have spent the last two years gaining their trust and helping them rebuild, so it would be a shame to just abandon them once the next expansion rolls around.

Currently, players have no idea how Shadowlands will end, so it is unclear how plausible the idea of playable Shadowlands races is. The concept of the covenants is that they are made up of dead characters from various afterlives, so it would be odd to have these races wandering Azeroth. However, some characters could choose to leave while the veil of death is broken, and canonically players created portals back to Azeroth throughout the Shadowlands. Letting players run around as Kyrian, Venthyr, or even Night Fae would make their time in Shadowlands feel worthwhile, and it would give them some wild races to customize.


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