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World of Warcraft Interview

30 kwietnia 2022, 02:13
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World of Warcraft Interview

World of Warcraft recently announced Dragonflight, its ninth expansion pack. The highly-speculated release will bring players to the mysterious Dragon Isles–the ancestral home of dragonkind. Mounting up on special dragon mounts, they will soar across the skies, discovering hidden secrets of the Titans and dragons, and facing forgotten foes from ancient history. Beyond that, World of Warcraft is adding the playable drakthyr race–humanoids who can shapeshift between their elf-like visage forms and their true draconic forms. These supersoldiers, originally created by Neltharion before he became Deathwing, play as the new Evoker class; a drakthyr-exclusive damage dealing and healing class that channels the powers of the five dragonflights in battle.To get more news about Buy WoW Retail Gold, you can visit official website.

Game Rant spoke with lead game designer Jeremy Feasel and senior game designer Graham Berger about Dragonflight. They shared what parts of the upcoming update had them most excited, and shed some light on some features and changes coming for World of Warcraft. They also teased some major conflicts and lore discoveries players could look forward to discovering on the Dragon Isles. The developers also illuminated the parts of World of Warcraft's history which gave them the tools to build the best experience for players in the upcoming expansion.

It’s always a ton of fun. That’s always one of the most fun parts of the year, even in the past at BlizzCon when we did similar things. Lurking and seeing what the leaks are and what people are excited about is a great way for us to gauge what ideas people would be jazzed about. But then, there’s the fun announcement day of “I was right! I had this idea correct a long time ago, that it was going to be dragons, and Dragonriding, and dragons to fight, and dragon friends!” I personally only liked tweets that included the banana island of Tel’Abim in the leaks, though. That’s my line in the sand.

Graham: We play World of Warcraft too, right? So being a part of the community and watching what they come up and speculate is a lot of fun. “What are they excited about?” But revealing it, and seeing all the hype today, and finally being able to show what we’re actually doing? Seeing how excited people are about it has been energizing, electrifying.
In Shadowlands, we got some opportunities to tell some crazy cool stories with cosmic implications. I mean, we ended up in Zereth Mortis, the place of the First Ones, where there’s a machine that creates realities! That’s a ton of fun to write for. But in this case, Dragonflight gives us a chance to go in a very different direction and return to core Azeroth. Not just returning to Azeroth from the lands of death physically, but a return to core Azerothian and World of Warcraft things. The Dragon Isles are a mysterious space which tells a deep story ingrained within World of Warcraft, and it tells a lot more about elements of the dragonflights we haven’t heard until now. We haven’t heard a huge amount about their lore, but they are a huge part of Azeroth history. What happened when they made their oaths to the Titans? What even were those? The oaths of safeguarding life, the Dream, or magic; where did these oaths take place? Those stories exist in our history, but we’ve never been able to show them within World of Warcraft until now.
You can imagine there are a ton of people on the team excited to jump into this. What was the birthplace of the Emerald Dream? What do the timeways of the bronze dragonflight look like, and what could a big dragon city look and feel like? There are core creatures that have existed since Classic, like the dragonspawn and the drakonids, we’ve never gotten to know. We’ve gotten to kill them a bunch, but what is their purpose in dragon society? Who are the ancient enemies of the dragons? It was a lot of fun coming up with some of the baddies we are going to be fighting in this expansion too.

We had some similar feelings on the system side of things. We are returning to Azeroth–what are core parts of our game we want to last another 20 years? There are elements that have been sitting around for quite a number of years without a refresher, like the UI and class talents. Those elements are core to the Warcraft experience. If we can think longitudinally about them this time, we can design them with what the talent tree could look like over the next couple of expansion packs in mind. It gave us the opportunity to take the learnings from the past 17 years and apply it to core elements of our game to make everything better for everybody. And then, when you’re making a brand-new race and class, you have to think about how that fits into all of these things too, and what the gameplay is going to feel like.


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