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Aliens: Fireteam Elite has launched its third season of content

27 kwietnia 2022, 10:44
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The titular Lancer is not, in fact, Deltarune’s adorable sometimes-antagonist, but a new class of Colonial Marine who should, in theory give you a better chance of surviving all the xenomorphs Aliens: Fireteam Elite throws at you.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite has launched its third season of content, adding in a new playable class.The Lancer is one of Fireteam Elite's heavier classes, letting players carry heavy weapons and fire them continuously, dealing increased damage when standing still thanks to a unique perk. Alongside the arrival of the Lancer class comes the addition of new Loadout Presets. This allows players to switch between different Marine loadouts on the fly, without needing to reassign things like cosmetics, consumables, weapons, or perks individually.

The free Season 3: Lancer content pack for Aliens: Fireteam Elite is now available for all players, which coincides with the release of the UACM Frontline Pack DLC, either for Deluxe Edition owners or as a separate purchase. The UACM Frontline Pack introduces additional cosmetic items by way of exclusive character skins, head accessories, weapon decals, and more.

Of course, a new season also brings new Challenge Cards, as well as over thirty customisation items to be unlocked through gameplay. Owners of the Endevour Pass will also be able to get their hands on the UACM Frontline Pack, with additional exclusive cosmetics.

Aside from firing the railgu.. sorry, “particle lance” and cackling, Season 3 (which is free) adds a new loadout presets feature, 30 new unlockable customisation items and new challenge cards. In short, it should give the game a kick in the pants. is know as the best place to buy cheapest Aliens Fireteam Elite CD Key. We offers 10%-20% price off for Aliens Fireteam Elite CD Key buying. Always full stock ready for you, to ensure fast delivery! tried the best to make sure you enjoy game.

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