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How Do I Get MyTeam Points In NBA 2K23?

8 marca 2023, 08:42
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MyTeam Points in NBA 2K23 is a very important currency that can speed up our game progress. So how do we get MT 2K23 in NBA 2K23? Here we will introduce you to the way to get more MyTeam Points in NBA 2K23.
Ways to get MT in NBA 2K23
Swiping missions in NBA 2K23 is how most players earn MyTeam Points. That said, not every game mode can be as productive as the others. Here we'll give you some quick ways to get 2K23 MT.
Sell items at Auction House
The Auction House is the best place to earn MyTeam points in NBA 2K23. Once unlocked, you can sell unwanted players or duplicate MT cards. This is also the best place where you can find the best deals on top player cards that you can resell and sell for a profit.
Take part in various Challenges
You can earn a lot of MTs (and VCs) by completing NBA 2K23's MyTeam Challenges. These Challengesare dividedinto different groups Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Lifetime Challenges. Provides a great way to earn extra MyTeam points as you move through other game modes.
Triple Threat
If you don't have the time, then triple-threat matches are an option. These 3v3 games are much faster and offer instant rewards for different games. Players can also earn more rewards for milestone wins, such as the Darius Miles (88) card for reaching 50 wins. As well as a wide range of player and item cards, which can thenbe soldat the auction house.
Start a MyCareer
Even if you are not going to go deep in MyCareer, you still need to create an account in this mode, where you can get a lot of MT.

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