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What Are The Effective Post Moves In NBA 2K23?

18 października 2022, 09:25
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Any successful team in NBA 2K23 must have a reliable inside presence.

In NBA 2K23 we need to use various moves to avoid the opponent's blocks. In the beginning, you may not think too much about specific low post moves. However, as you begin to improve through your chosen game mode and competition, you will quickly discover that executing the best low post moves is necessary to compete effectively.

Any successful team in NBA 2K23 must have a reliable inside presence. In an evenly matched game, this can be the difference between winning and losing. This guide below will give you some of the most effective Post Moves in NBA 2K23.

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Inside Pivot Into a Hook Shot

This low-post move is great if your opponent is an undersized defender. Even if the defender has a strength advantage over your player, the Inside Pivot Into a Hook Shot is very effective and is ideal for any defender who can't back off.

When used correctly, this move is almost guaranteed to box out and score, which is great in close games, or in games where you can't shoot the three.

To achieve this move: LS up, hold R2, and move RS towards the basket.

Aggressive Backdown into Hook Shot

If your player has a height advantage over your opponent, another great low post move is the Aggressive Backdown into Hook Shot. However, a height advantage is not necessary; this is a utility move that is excellent for creating enough space to slide out for a hook shot with minimal contact.

To achieve this move: Hold down R2 and move the LS toward the basket. Move the RS upward at a 45-degree angle toward the basket.

Spin Fake Into Turnaround Jumper

This is great as a "jailbreak" move if you've already used the dribble and are running out of time. If you like to play online, this move is especially effective when you notice that your opponent is getting too close to you while defending you. This move tells you that your opponent is more likely to trip over your spin fake, giving you a chance to make a shot.

Spin Fake Into Turnaround Jumper: Hold R2 to move the LS left or right. Hold R2 and press RS to the left or right.

Face-Up Into Drop Step

This move is a solid option on its own, but it becomes more effective when you manage to disguise it and become unpredictable. The Face-Up Drop Step is perfect if you find yourself pinned by the opposing defense.

Face-up slows movement gives you plenty of time to locate your defender and ensures you choose the easiest lane into the lane to score quickly.

How to face-up into the drop step: Keep L2 held down and flick up LS. Then, press square and move LS towards the rim to execute the drop step.

Face Up, Step Back

If you choose to perform this backward move, you should do it quickly. You don't want to spend time waiting once you have executed the front. For maximum success, you need to act quickly and take a step back.

This low post move is great for mid-range shots, so if your player is only effective at the basket, you may want to avoid this option.

How to face up, step back: Hold down L2 and move LS up. While LS is up, hold down R2 and press down on RS.

If you want to get more wins in NBA 2K23, then you should practice these moves before you enter the game. When you can use these moves skillfully in the game, then you can win more games and get more 2K23 MT.

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