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How Do I Buy And Equip Accessories In NBA 2K23 MyCareer?

10 października 2022, 04:58
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In NBA 2K23 MyCareer we can build a player of our own. We can set the player's appearance, height, accessories, etc. To make our players stand out, we need to equip these players with some unique accessories. So when we enter NBA 2K23 MyCareer we need to prepare some MT NBA 2K23 to buy accessories. Here we will give you a detailed introduction to how to buy and equip accessories in NBA 2K23.

How to buy accessories in NBA 2K23?

There are different ways to buy and equip accessories depending on the game you have. Below we will give you details on how to buy accessories in the next generation and current generation.

  • Buying accessories in Next-Gen

To purchase accessories, you will need to go to any of the nearby Rapid Travel stations and take the subway to the West or East Mall. You can also find the store you want to visit by looking at the map and clicking on the stores on the left. When you arrive at the store you can use your MT to purchase items.

  • Buying accessories at Current Gen

Once you are on the G.O.A.T ship, take the elevator to the Silver Deck promenade. From there, go straight past the Daily Prizes sign and cross the mini bridge. Now go to the left and there are many stores on your right. Enter any of these stores to purchase your accessories.

How do I equip accessories in NBA 2K23?

To put on your accessories, you have two options:

The first is to walk into your locker room before the game starts. In the room, you will see a glowing box in front of your locker. Once you get there, a menu will appear where you can change your on-court clothing and accessories.

The second way you can change styles and outfits is through the main menu. Once you have it open, navigate to the My Players section, where you can see the City Customization menu.

If you don't want to change your style before every game, the second option is the best for you because it will save your style.

What accessories can I buy in the store?

When we enter the store we can buy many accessories like New Balance, Puma, Jordan, Converse, New Era, Adidas, Nike, and State Farm. there are also some fake brands from which you can get tattoos and jewelry like Specs, Embellish, Drip Brothers, Finders Keepers, Wheels, Tattoo Envy, Decks, etc.

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