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NBA 2K23 MyCareer Has The Longest Storyline

26 września 2022, 03:49
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There are many changes in NBA 2K23, among them MyCareer's storyline has changed a lot and it is the longest in NBA 2K series.

There are many changes in NBA 2K23, among them MyCareer's storyline has changed a lot and it is the longest in NBA 2K series. When we enter this game we will find out that this is correct and we will go through a series of storyline stories. During this time we need to build a strong player, which may require a lot of MT NBA 2K23 and we can get the MT we need in the game.

In NBA 2K23 MyCareer, players will directly choose an NBA team and start their NBA career after a summer league. The college stage will still be there, but it will be presented in the form of memories afterward. If you like to run through all the main quests you can do before the next game, you'll probably have to go through more than 20 NBA games to complete the storyline, with nearly 20 PVE streetball games thrown in. If you do not like to run too many tasks in the interval of two NBA games, then the length of the plot may be more than 40 games.

The plot covers the various things an NBA player will encounter during his rookie to peak career, the confrontation on the court, problems within the team, personal preferences outside the game, etc. will be shown, but basically, all compressed into half a rookie season. This makes a lot of the drama seem a little awkward, because a rookie entering the league with so many facts is a little too much, and your several main helpers also seem to act very much like a family, some of the drama over the scene is hard to see.

In those off-court personal development tasks in the main line, some require you to answer some questions in areas other than basketball, and if you don't get the answer right you have to start the whole conversation and Q&A all over again, often resulting in several iterations. What's even more unbearable is that the protagonist has to record a song as a rapper, a series of 4 options to choose from, and the wrong one will have to start over completely.

I think one of the highlights of the episode is Perkins, who will constantly criticize you and deny your performance in a commentary show in the episode. This is very much in keeping with his style, and the fact that the role was given to him didn't give me any antipathy, even though he kept bad-mouthing me.

I still want my career storyline to be colorful, but it's best if we can be a little more professional.

When you get to the college career review stage, the real-time warrior comes along. You have to go back to play college games with the attribute points and badges you've improved since entering the NBA, and the opponents in college games are much rawer than NBA players. The final battle let me retry a few times after an angry switch to rookie difficulty, I do not know how this can happen.

Along with the new storyline came new adjustments to player creation and badges. The badges in this game are now loading and unloading and can be freely adjusted without the need for specific unlocking of badges. Badges are divided into 3 levels, with each level of badge requiring an increasing number of points, and the number of badge points that a self-created player has in each of the 4 areas and the maximum level that each badge can reach will be indicated when the player's potential is set.

There is a "core" slot for each of the 4 badge types, and badges that complete the core challenges can be equipped in the core slot without spending points. The so-called core challenge is the number of times the badge is activated, like the "first step master" such a badge launched very often almost casually play a few games to complete the challenge, while "unlimited takeoff" such a badge to improve the dunk jump distance, it seems to have not seen the challenge bar How to rise over.

The addition of badge levels makes it very difficult to equip multiple powerful level 3 badges, a purple level 3 badge requires 9 points, and to use a level 3 badge you have to invest a total of 10 points in level 1 and 2 badges. So completing the level 3 badge challenge is inevitable. The time needed to unlock badge points is much shorter, but completing the desired level 3 badge challenge becomes a new time-consuming point. But for players who have been playing in the brilliant career mode for a long time, it's not a big deal.

The City of Basketball is looking more and more like a vibrant city this year, with a lot of NPCs walking around and a lot of activity outside the arena getting ready to enter before the game starts. The most immediate problem this causes is frame drops. The game also added the process of entering the arena, walking through the passageway into the locker room, and entering the arena for the self-created players to play NBA games, which is quite a small change, but still means a lot to enhance the sense of immersion.

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