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5 Gameplay Changes In NBA 2K23

5 września 2022, 09:18
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Now that we are getting closer to NBA 2K23, many changes in this game have been announced.

Now that we are getting closer to NBA 2K23, many changes in this game have been announced. Here we will give you a detailed introduction to the 5 game play changes in NBA 2K23.

The gameplay changes look promising, and we have to commend 2K for their efforts in simulating basketball.

Here are 5 new gameplay changes for NBA 2K23 that should increase the skill gap:

Adrenaline Boosts

Introducing Adrenaline boosts to the NBA 2K series is a real change because it's built right into the framework of the game - if anyone in the community starts complaining about the difficulty of reel-to-reel, then the "patch" will become more difficult. The side effects of this could be more passing and teamwork, less ball hogging and left/right dish, etc - this should be a new and much needed improvement to the existing comp "meta" over the last few years.

Shooting Attributes

Shooting was first modified in NBA 2K23 with the addition of a large number of jump shots, but mainly the addition of "shooting attributes". These include:

  • Shot Speed
  • Release Height
  • Defensive Immunity
  • Timing Impact

On top of that, each signature shot has its own unique shooting stats, which only adds more complexity and strategy to the shooting equation. With these additions, players looking to become NBA 2K23 sharpshooters will have to consider even more factors.

Pass Target Openness' Removed for Online

The "Pass Target Openness" feature was a feature that automatically made passing decisions by automatically passing to the most open player. With the removal of this feature in online multiplayer mode, this puts more responsibility for court vision on the person behind the controller, which increases the skill gap between passing and real court vision.

Defensive Shading

The new defensive shading mechanism consists of three bars representing three areas: straight up shading, left shading and right shading. The area where the defender is located is shown in red. If the ball carrier tries to attack a red route, they will be cut off, lose their dribble, or miss the ball.

This can be a definite game changer for 1v1 interactions, as those with strong defensive instincts and reactions will be rewarded, while those who stand in the wrong position or guess wrong will be exposed.

Changes to Shot Meter Greens

To increase the skill gap, a player's reaction to different actions on the court should be determined by the player's skill, rather than by visual cues that indicate whether they have another teammate or opponent who has completed a shot or dunk. The shot meter green ball will now only light up when the shot is at the rim. Not only will this make rebounding more organic and amplify the rebounding battle down low, but it will also inhibit cherry-picking on whether a shot is hit or not.

To get an edge in NBA 2K23 we can purchase NBA 2K23 MT at the beginning of the game, which will help us finish building our players faster. Once we have our own player we can join a game.

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