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RuneScape - This setup is only to prepare for the final boss

14 lutego 2022, 04:05
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Also, be sure to get an list of OSRS gold lobsters or swordfish. Swordfish is much better and I was able to kill elvarg in about 40-50 fights, with only 3-5 lobbies. This setup is only to prepare for the final boss fight against the dragon named elvarg. One more thing, being able to use 33 magic will be a huge help in saving 10k gp (for taking a map piece and telegrabber it instead of purchasing that piece by the goblin)

Also keep in mind, you'll require 33 quest points before you can even begin this quest. (u must complete nearly all non mem quests in order to earn three quest points) If u want to do so, please message me in the gaming (Tarun Dragon) and I'll be more than willing to assist you, and even fund you should you be low with cash. The whole quest costs around 50k-60k. When i did it, the rune scimmies cost 60k all on their own and it was significantly more.

Everyone has given you the most beneficial advice, with the exception of two things. An amulet that has strength is far better than strength, as it boosts you accuracy and defence. A sword that is short can beat the dragon with a scimitar, who are unable to take stab attacks.

I wanted to mention this too, but I didn't realise that he'd require the additional atk at his level and yeah dragons are extremely weak when it comes to stabbing (was trying to come up with an F2P stab wep but couldn't think of one,). If you do choose to utilize a rune sword, be sure it's set to a stab atk btw.

Its still slower and weaker than a scimmy. But on the plus side, u could be hitting more often, and its cheaper. And if you do get 43 prayer, you can literally kill it with out taking any dmg watso ever lol. However, you do not need prayers to buy rs07 fire cape eliminate elvarg.

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