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Rsgoldfast - Now for the mini-game

25 kwietnia 2021, 07:49
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There is a navigator, cook, cannon-man (Operates weapons in mini-game - explained later) or OSRS gold a repairman to repair you boat. To support you team you want to pay them money and provide them crew-quarters to sleep in. Now when you head out to sea you might also store supplies such as food and beverages including alchohal.

Now when you head out to sea you cannot be attacked by other players boats however you could be stopped and searched by a patrol vessel. They'll board your boat to ensure that you aren't smugiling weapons or people. But you may have passengers that will pay a fare up to 10k based upon how big your ship. BTW You CANNOT Summon Familiars or other things.

You cannot bring any pets onto your or anybody else's boat. When you get off of your ship and do not return on for a little while, then your ship and crew will only stay in the port. Nobody can board your ship, your crew can't leave, unless you fire them you do not pay them or they do not like the conditions about the ship - Not enough food, Too little sleeping quarters etc..

Now for the mini-game. I have not decided on a name for your own mini-game yet so I will look in ideas. This really is a dangerous mini-game. Your crew, you and your boat could all end up at the bottom of the sea therefore be prepared. What happens is you roam the sea looking for boats to kill. Your weaponry will be arrows and bows, dwarf cannon, catapult, mage, and you may even have other players come in your ship that will help you.

You cannot teleport out. When you find another ship you engage it. If you sink it, you can have your team hunt for the loot. Imager36 brought up a fantastic point about flying enemies boats. If you've got other gamers and crewmembers aboard your boat, then you can board the enemies ship. It will require higher agility levels depending on where you board. If you board from the deck, just walk across a plank - 10 Agility. You are able to cheap RuneScape gold board on a rope - 40 Agility.

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