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EA's update for Madden 21 has not warmly welcomed by players

26 listopada 2020, 03:43
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In the recent trailer for EA playing Madden 21, most players already know the features of the next-generation console in the upcoming update on December 4. Some changes are already in their expectations. In fact, after it officially appears, there may be more special changes. Although the Madden team has not yet made a revolutionary improvement to the franchise model that players most want to play, players still have bought MUT 21 Coins to prepare for the next event.

Previously, players also knew that EA will release a specific version of Madden on the next generation of consoles in order to allow players to get more fresh experiences, which is also a good way for players to increase their loyalty to the game. The star-driven gameplay on next-generation consoles seems to be the most complicated gameplay change, and it seems to provide players with a fresh way to choose games based on making the best players become players.

Most of these updates seem to be trivial improvements, which are welcome, but not huge features that fans are keen on. The important thing is that players who use dual authorization can copy the details of the current generation to the next generation for free. For the fans, this is a brilliant operation that cannot ignore. But players had better not expect EA to make a big update before the end of this year, because that is impossible.

Other sports games have managed to provide more updates to fully prepare for the release of the next generation of products, so EA may also do so. Many fans of the franchise model are still waiting for the latest news about the game. But for players, going to GameMS to Buy more Cheap Madden 21 Coins and then buying strong players to strengthen the lineup is the top priority.


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