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Can I buy mut coins for my son to improve his Madden 20 ultimate team?

26 stycznia 2020, 14:11
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Can I buy mut coins for my son to improve his Madden 20 ultimate team?

It's not coins. Points are in game currencies you can buy. Don't buy coins.

Advantages and disadvantages - Madden 20 PC and XBOX

I can't decide whether to use Madden 20 on my PC or go back to Xbox. ... this is my list of advantages and disadvantages, someone can persuade me! It may also help other people who are trying to make a decision.

PC (I use origin premier):


-I got the ultimate superstar and started with a better reward

-Issued on July 24

-Better quality, I have a game laptop

-The rewards are higher because there are fewer players on the PC. Easy top 100.

-The other origin premier game I'm going to play is FIFA 20, but it's still "free"

-It's easier to play when traveling. I can bring my laptop.

-Rookie premier card transferred.


-$100, more expensive than XBOX

-The auction house is dead. It's really hard to finish. It's really hard to find the card you're looking for.



-I'll get the basic version of Xbox from Amazon for $51. $5 can also play for 10 hours. Cheaper than PC

-Auction houses are much better. It's easier to find the card you need.

-Easier to snipe? Due to the availability of more cards.

-The MUT companion app is great for posting postcards for auction when I'm not at home.


-The quality is not very good. I spend 20% of my time playing games on Xbox and 80% of my time streaming to my PC (due to the TV). PC stream quality is not as good as buying on PC only.

Does anyone think PC player base is better for mut 20? I'm not convinced, and I have a bad feeling that it's even worse for people who are tired of mut 20 on their PCs and won't come back.

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