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How Do I Disable Incognito Mode?

29 kwietnia 2021, 08:58
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Know How Do I Disable Incognito Mode?

Google Chrome's Incognito Mode is a quite neat feature that allows you to keep your browsing history private when using someone else's device. You can also use it on your device for some personal reasons. However, this feature is equally detrimental to children as they can access anything on the internet without anyone ever knowing about it. This is the reason you should know how to disable incognito mode.

How to Disable Incognito Mode on PC

Here are the  steps mentioned below following which you can disable Incognito mode on PC:

  1. Firstly, you need to select Start and type "CMD" into the search box.
  2. Next, right-click Command Prompt and then select Run as Administrator.
  3. 3. Then, in the Command Prompt window, type the code and then press Enter.

Now you know how to disable the Incognito app on PC.

How to Disable Incognito Mode on Android Phones

Follow the steps mentioned below to disable Incognito mode in Android phones:

  1. First of all, you need to start the Google Play App on your phone and search Disable Incognito Mode and install it.
  2. Next, launch the Disable Incognito Mode app.
  3. Then, tap Open settings.
  4. Turn on the Disable Incognito Mode and tap Allow to give the app permission when requested.

That was all about how you can disable incognito mode. Using the methods mentioned above, you can easily disable Incognito mode on both PC and Android phones. Hope you find this guide informative and helpful.

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