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Then there is this push to carry abilities

18 lutego 2020, 06:21
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The few times we have got content this season, more frequently RS Mobile gold than not it had been pet farming a inane title grind, or some absurd thing that should have been retroactive logs. Jagex does appear to know most of the audience that is rs3 is maxed or close to it, so just keep tossing this grind junk to the heap and call it good. But why bother when they can just force everyone to spend tens of thousands of hours redoing the content making content?

Then there is this push to carry abilities but needless to say they completely ignore the skills that require opts for a few that needed it and it the most. And they continue to dismiss one of those problems the colossal XP leaps towards the ending, with 120s. But like previously, a inane mill is just the kind of time consumption/lower effort material they are searching for.

Ive never missed club but I am seriously considering skipping it this season. I have left to do in runescape and a few good enough friends to make playing worth it. So it is well worth it from that standpoint. However I'm pretty disgusted with all the jmods especially Warden, MIC, and Osborne. I have confidence the higher ups care for runescape or the runescape players and the minimal quality rare updates in addition to the predatory mtx makes me stress runescape won't be around.

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Personally looking over the next year's premier benefits and ripped off I believe this season for a enthusiast that is lore, I am not getting premier 2020. I'll probably buy a month subscription if and if they've published more quests and articles I might enjoy in a few years and do themor watch someone on YouTube do them if runescape has not fully died out by then to the point we never see content as much as we ought to.


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