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How you would like to invest

23 października 2019, 04:40
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Blizzard is not the type of company that releases games very often, but if it does, they take the world by storm. They have the kind of pedigree that very few other developers and publishers in this business do, which explains why each time Blizzard releases a new game, it is an event in and of itself. And while we are all very enthusiastic about potential new Diablo projects with classic gold wow, we are also interested to know what other new things they are working on.

Apparently, it's something which's unlike anything else Blizzard has done before. While speaking with GamesBeat, J. Allen Brack, who recently became the president of Blizzard, talked about the job being led up by Tom Chilton, that had been formerly the director of World of Warcraft. According to Allen, the game is similar to anything Blizzard's ever completed, and Chilton"plays that genre of sport quite profoundly".

"You have to decide how you would like to invest," said Brack. "We've got a lot of different senior game developers that have a great deal of different interests in a lot of genres. Tom Chilton worked on WoW for at least 13 decades. He and I, in my previous job, began a new job that was not something like Blizzard has ever done before. He's enthusiastic about it. He plays with that genre of game very profoundly. He understands it, he is excited about it, and we wish to help him accomplish that."

Back in September, there were reports that indicated that at least one of Blizzard's unannounced jobs is an"action-packed" first person game with wow classic gold sale. Maybe this is the game Chilton is working on? Either waywe hope to find out soon- perhaps even in BlizzCon, which is currently underway, and goes until tomorrow.


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