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World of Warcraft class Introduction and Guide: Hunter

12 sierpnia 2019, 10:32
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The WOW Classic will be officially released at the end of this month. I believe many players will join the game and start to venture in Azeroth. Of course, most old players want to experience the nostalgic feeling in this game, but there are also some beginners who are attracted to this magical world and join the adventurous team. If you are unfamiliar with everything about Azeroth, then the choice of class is very important. Continue reading this article, you will learn about the hunter, and its specific gameplay. You can find more guides of World of Warcraft on, where you can also buy cheap WOW Classic Gold.


Hunter is one of the major classes in World of Warcraft who rely on pets for combat. Pets are the second life of hunters. They wear leather armor, which makes them unable to withstand the damage from the enemy, but don't worry about the hunter's survivability, they move so fast that they can stay away from the enemy as much as possible, while their pets can act as tanks to provide the best protection. . Most importantly, they have a very special ability - Feign Death, which looks like they are dead in the eyes of the enemy, so they can wait until the situation is safe before they escape the battlefield.

Hunters can learn to catch pets at the instructor after they reach level 13. They can capture any tamed animals and use them as pets, but catching pets requires skill, and once the animals are disturbed, they will stay away from you. Pets are also divided into different qualities, and rare pets have a better looking look and can help you more. In addition to harming enemies through weapons and pets, hunters rely on various traps. Hunters have three specializations, and the way they fight is very different.

Beast Mastery mainly uses a bow, crossbow or gun to deal damage to enemies. In all classes, this kind of specialization may be the easiest. First, the player needs to control the pet's offense and ridicule the enemy, then use the character to apply various negative states to the enemy and start using the ranged weapon to attack. If the damage caused by a short period of time is too high, the enemy may have your character as the main target, then you need to control the character to move to a safe location as soon as possible, and continue to control your pet to mock the enemy. It is worth noting that hunters can also cause high damage during the move. In general, Beast Mastery provides excellent performance in both dungeons and raids.

Marksmanship also uses bows, crossbow or guns as weapons, but it is very different from Beast Mastery. The main damage it causes is from the character itself and it can't summon pets. Because it has a special passive ability - lone wolf, the player will greatly extend the cast time of all skills and reduce the damage of the character by 10% in the case of summoning the pet. In the case of not calling a pet, the passive ability of the lone wolf can cause it to cause extremely high blast damage. But you need to learn to keep yourself safe. Because of the lack of protection from pets, you need to arrange various traps to prevent the enemy from harming you and kiting enemies as much as possible.

Survival is a hunter's melee specialization, which mainly uses two-handed weapons such as sticks. It can cause high explosive AoE damage and single target damage, and it has good mobility as a melee class. Simply put, although Beast Mastery is more secure, if you have confidence in your own operations, Survival will bring you even more surprises. Harpoon is its main offensive means, and every hunter player needs to master this skill.

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