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World of Warcraft's PvP Arena has a greater appeal to players

6 sierpnia 2019, 10:29
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For some players who love PvP content, the meaning of World of Warcraft is not only to enter the dungeon adventure and kill Boss, so as to get the spoils. While most players are keen to defeat the demon lords who are trying to destroy the entire Azeroth, they tend to get tired of this weekly repetitive battle when they plunder the Boss shoes. At this time, often overlooked PvP content can bring the most original happiness to the player.

Let's talk about the Wrath of the Lich King. For me, this is the most successful expansion of World of Warcraft. In fact, most players think so. What attracts me the most is its arena mode, where you can perform the most intense PvP battles: including 2v2, 3v3, 5v5 and other different teams. Your goal is to kill all enemies except allies. This is a breakthrough. If you want to be the best PvP player in the world, you need to prove your worth through actual combat. Winners can not only get a unique title, but also buy cheap WOW Classic Gold at

I have been in the 2v2 mode before, and I have countless matches with my friends every season. The character he used was a thief. It is obvious that this profession is designed for PvP. He can not only be invisible, but also get close to the enemy from behind and cause a fatal blow. I chose the Shadow Priest.

Similar to Dungeon, if you want to maintain your Arena rankings or improve your rankings faster, you need some nice gear to improve the character's attributes. But the real factor in determining the outcome is not your equipment, but whether you have enough knowledge of PvP and your own opinion. The biggest difference between a good player and a normal player is that they understand the fighting style and main skills of each class. They understand all the special abilities of the enemy and how often they use them. What you should know is that there are 12 basic occupations in the game, and there are 3 advanced occupations in each occupation, so it is easy to remember that all the skills are easy to say, but it is very difficult to do. For example, you will get a completely different experience when fighting wild druids and balancing druids. Although their basic occupations are the same, the difference you need to face is the stealth melee damage maker and the giant magical owl. You need to respond with different strategies.

Another key to PvP is the timing. Every skill in World of Warcraft has a certain amount of cooldown, and the more powerful the skill, the longer the cooldown. The purpose of this setting is to prevent the player from constantly using the most powerful skills to influence the balance of the game.

Therefore, in order to avoid wasting your most powerful skills, you need to pay attention to using your already cooled skills at the right time, and use them as much as possible with your allies to kill enemies faster. Not only that, but you should also guard against attacks from the enemy. When you successfully avoid the enemy's critical strike and survive, your enemies will have no room to fight back, your team will prevail - the enemy is losing the most In the case of strong skills, you will find ways to avoid fighting until the skill cools down. You need to seize this opportunity to make a fierce attack.

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