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Path of Exile: Synthesis is likely to be one of the best expansions ever released

14 maja 2020, 09:59
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Path of Exile is one of the most popular ARPGs at present. Its last release, named Betrayal, was welcomed by players, attracting a large number of players to play online at the same time. According to the news published by the developer Grinding Gear Games on the official website, the Betrayal expansion has broken the number of concurrent players, so people regard Betrayal as a landmark expansion of Path of Exile.

Recently, Grinding Gear Games, a game developer from New Zealand, revealed news about POE's next new expansion at a press conference. Co-founder Chris Wilson said that the development team and game designers have carefully studied the behavior patterns of players in the various expansions of POE, and based on this, they have designed a new expansion called Synthesis. Wilson said that Betrayal would undoubtedly become one of the most successful expansions in POE history, with more than 200,000 concurrent players attracted by the POE Items expansion. It is worth noting that this number does not include players in China and Xbox One players, which means that POE also has more potential loyal users.

With Path of Exile officially landing on the PS 4 platform, players can more easily join this free ARPG, which makes the developer Grinding Gear Games full confidence in the upcoming Synthesis expansion.

"We've seen consistent growth up to the three.0 mega-expansion, which called Fall of Oriath and therefore the Harbinger Challenge League, and since then, we've seen higher user numbers in both the Incursion and also Betrayal expansion, the one from December," said Wilson. "We're very happy with Path of Exile's growth over the years, especially now that it's a game that's been come in some form for 6 or seven years."

The boost in players comes of after Grinding Gear saw a dip with Delve, the challenge league that sent players into an infinite dungeon set in an exceedingly mine. This started back with the Incursion content update.

"During 3.30, we saw quite amount of players leaving as they played. During that league, people left at a faster rate than normal. We've got many theories as why this might be one amongst the theories is that there have been other games for people to play."

While Path of Exile contains a dedicated player base, it's the type of live-services game within which people bob-and-weave in and out looking on if the new content release meshes with how they play. And whether or not they're into it, they don't often play every single day during these three-month-long releases.

And other games do start up, and Path of Exile's audience drifts off to those. Other live-service games attract Path of Exile players still, like Warframe. This is often also not that big of a surprise — I play both Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering — Arena, two online card games. It's easy to work out fans of action-RPGs enjoy both Path of Exile and, say, Warframe, or provides a battle royale shooter like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds a go.

For POE developers, competitors are not just from the ARPG field. Real-time combat games like Fortnite and Warframe may also cause user churn, especially free games. According to research, when Warframe successfully expands its user base on Steam, the number of Path of Exile players has a very clear downward trend. This is not an accident. Obviously, some players often choose other games that look great when playing POE. Want to know more about the news and information about Path of Exile? You can visit the official website of MMOAH and register as a member. Not only that, you can also Buy POE Currency and POE Items at MMOAH.

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