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You can ride flying mount to explore Broken Isles in WoW 7.2 Patch

6 marca 2020, 06:49
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The World of Warcraft development team has continued to provide players with more interesting new content for many years. So far, the studio has launched a total of 7 extensions for World of Warcraft. The latest extension is called Battle for Azeroth. In this expansion, in order to fight for the rule of the Azeroth continent, the Horde and Alliance directly resumed a large-scale war.

Recently, game designers plan to release an update patch called The Tomb of Sargeras. According to a post published by Blizzard in the World of Warcraft community, the 7.2 patch will be officially released on March 28. The post details all the WOW Classic Gold content included in this update. If you want to know all the update information, please continue reading this article.

Simply put, the main purpose of this patch is to provide players with more new discoverable content and convenient features. After the update is completed, players will be able to challenge new dungeons to obtain loot with higher item levels. These equipment can help players more easily challenge team raid. Not only that, players can now use battle pets to challenge pet dungeons. The new PvP Brawls will provide PvP enthusiasts with a complex and interesting battlefield environment. In addition, some specific classes will get unique rewards, as long as you complete new missions in the game, you can get new epic mounts. Importantly, these contents are free. The most important thing is that you should prepare a lot of WOW Classic Gold. If you think farming World of Warcraft Classic Gold is boring, you can buy it from third party sites. I think MMOWTS will be your best choice, just visit and buy cheap WOW Classic Gold!

For those who like to explore different areas, the ability to take off in Broken Isles is essential. Until the release of the update, players can only sail to various areas of the Broken Isles and complete missions by sea. Now, your flying mount will enable you to quickly travel between different areas. First, you need to complete a series of missions and earn Broken Isle Pathfinder achievements to unlock your mount's right to take off in Broken Isles.

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