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WoW legacy server Felmyst makes The Burning Crusade expansion live

4 marca 2020, 07:22
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Recently, a loyal fan of World of Warcraft announced that its homemade legacy server will be put into use, named Felmyst. According to the producer's instructions in the post, for the past few years, the player has been focusing on the development and design of Felmyst. In this World of Warcraft Classic Gold server, you will get a completely different gaming experience from modern WoW, because the server runs the World of Warcraft expansion version is The Burning Crusade, which was first released in 2007. In fact, The Burning Crusade is the first expansion of World of Warcraft, which is of great significance to the MMORPG and occupies an important position in the hearts of many loyal players in World of Warcraft.

As early as July 18th, Felmyst has been open beta and the melee has been smooth. The server attracts a large number of players who seek nostalgia, and many details of the game make players feel back to 2007. After the test, developers collected many feedback from players that affected the game experience and spent a lot of time tweaking these areas. After a long wait, Felmyst will be activated from 12 pm Pacific Standard Time / 3 pm Eastern Time / 8 pm Pacific Standard Time. The most important thing is that you should prepare a lot of WOW Classic Gold. If you think farming gold is boring, you can buy it from third party sites. I think MMOWTS will be your best choice, just visit and buy cheap WOW Classic Gold!

According to the developer Gummy's introduction in the article, World of Warcraft added many interesting new content after the expansion of The Burning Crusade was released, and opened up more interesting details for players to explore. This expansion not only makes World of Warcraft more difficult, but also makes it harder for Gummy to create a legacy server. He must carefully observe the details of the game to make Felmyst present the 2007 version of World of Warcraft to players as much as possible.

Felmyst aims to maintain the game as authentic to The Burning Crusade experience as is possible. Unlike other unofficial servers, there won't be any bonuses to your amount of gold or loot you receive and levelling happens with the same rate since it did in 2007 (nearly level 70). There are two realms, one for Alliance then one for Horde, and are both PvP.

You can Buy WOW Classic Gold find out about the server and have details on ways to join here. Last year, Blizzard turn off a popular legacy server called Nostralrius that rolled the experience back to its vanilla version. Following that, Blizzard met together with the developers of Nostralrius. The server's project manager said, for the meeting, the Blizzard team was in favor of having legacy servers in the action.

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