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Frostkeep Studios tries to develop a survival MMO like Blizzard

11 lutego 2020, 09:13
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Frostkeep Studios quietly formed recently, even so the Irvine, California-based studio announced itself today using the unveiling of their first project, a team-based survival game called Rend. The studio's co-founders--Solomon Lee, Mat Milizia and Jeremy Wood--have lots of history together; they met while working away at the genre-dominating World of Warcraft before it launched fifteen years ago, and joined again at Carbine Studios on WildStar, on the list of innumerable post-WoW MMOs which didn't steal the genre spotlight in the Blizzard blockbuster.

Speaking with MMOAH the other day, the founders underscored a number of the lessons they learned off their time at Blizzard and seeing a variety of unsuccessful efforts to steal the World of Warcraft Classic Gold game's MMO crown.

"One thing which the survival genre doesn't need right now that this MMO genre had is often a WoW," Wood said. "The biggest survival game in the marketplace is Ark: Survival Evolved, obviously. The difference between Ark and the next game isn't remotely exactly like the difference between WoW and the next game. There is no massive giant we need to go after WOW Classic Gold."

It's rather like when the developers originally handled World of Warcraft, and saw EverQuest since the leader in a very relatively new type of game.

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