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World of Warcraft Classic Guide: PvP Damage Dealer Specs

21 października 2019, 09:07
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The Rogues class is very popular in WoW Classic. Many experienced players like to use PvP for Rogues, so you need to get used to Rogues who are everywhere in Azeroth. However, when a Rogue suddenly disappears from your sight. You may be in a dangerous state. In PvP, the best spec for Rogues is Suboguety Rogue. The Rogue does not rely on the extra gain provided by the equipment when dealing with the role of not wearing the armor, which is why there have been many videos of naked Rogues killing enemies in the vanilla era. In WoW Classic, we can also expect this class to showcase his combat effectiveness.
In the early days of WoW Classic, because most players did not have sophisticated weapons and armor, 21/3/27 build can provide the best help for Rogues assassination, Cold Blood from Assassination and Improved Eviscerate will give you one-shot damage potential. You can also assign the two talent points of Heightened Senses in the Subtlety tree to Kidney Shot. In any case, you can bring great threats to the enemy's life. You can get a 5% discount to buy WoW Classic Gold on's official website using the coupon code "FFWOW". Not only that, but if you become a VIP member of FFWOW, you can get more discounts when order settlement!

In PvP combat, the Arm Warrior is the most suitable spec. Of course, it loses its defense while greatly enhancing its offensive capabilities. You must have a classal therapist friend, and the Paladin is your best partner. As long as the Paladin blesses you and begins to heal you, you will become unstoppable.
The most suitable Arm Warrior build is 31/20/0, so that the warrior can enjoy the buff from the Mortal Strike. The Enrage and Piercing Howl in Fury provide the player with certain control ability in the face of some mobile class. Very important. However, it should be noted that once you are controlled by the enemy for a long time, your vitality will not be enough to withstand the arcane attack, so try to avoid 1v1 battle with Frost Mage.

The warlocks are known as the troublemakers in the PvP battle. They continue to consume the target HP in a long time battle, and can simultaneously fear multiple enemies and cause a lot of damage. In PvP, the best suit for the warlock is Affliction, which can cause a lot of long-range spell damage to enemies.
The best build is 30/0/21,the aim of this build is to be backline artillery, with your ammunition being shadowy DoTs. The build has two survival talents with Siphon Life which drains HP from the target and gives it to you and Curse Of Exhaustion which should help you control melee players from getting too close.

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