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Vulpera in WoW: unlocking and racial traits

19 października 2019, 07:26
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Blizzard has announced a long time ago that it will introduce a new allied race in the 8.3 update of World of Warcraft. In the Visions of N'zoth, the warriors of the Horde will be able to create cute little fox characters who have lived in the Vol'Dun region of Zandalar for a long time. Unsurprisingly, like the previous allied races, all Horde players must complete a series of missions and achievements, and complete the new unlocking task after the official release of 8.3, in order to truly gain access to the Vulpera race. Continue reading the book on the promissory note and you will learn how to unlock the fox and their ethnicity. Vulpera has not been added to World of Warcraft yet, and we are expected to see them in World of Warcraft early next year.

Simply put, all the information about Vulpera comes from the players who entered the PTR. They got a lot of information about the 8.3 update during the test. You can find out the specific steps to unlock the fox according to their introduction. If you have been playing World of Warcraft all the time and have unlocked all allied races, you should be familiar with this. ZZWOW is currently the most reliable WoW Classic Gold supplier, offering the world's cheapest WoW Classic Gold to players from all over the world. If you become a VIP member of ZZWOW, you can also enjoy discounts when you buy Cheap WOW Classic Gold.

Basic requirements:
1.Reach exalted with The Volundai faction (Horde only)
2.Earn the "Secrets in the Sands" achievement which requires complete "Unlikely Allies," "The Warguard's Fate," "The Three Keepers," "Atul'Aman," "Dangers in the Desert," "A City of Secrets, " and "Storming the Spire" storylines.

When you successfully meet the above requirements, you will get a new task after the 8.3 update release, complete the task to get the "Allied Races: Vulpera" achievement. Then you can use the Vulpera race when creating characters of Hoede faction. Not only that, but the task will also receive a new mount reward: Caravan Hyena, which can be used by any Hoede character.

As an agile fox, Vulpera has a variety of interesting racial traits:
Bag of Tricks: Use a trick on an enemy to damage them, or an ally to heal them.
Make Camp: Set your camp location outdoors.
Return to Camp: Teleport back to your camp location.
Nose for Trouble: Take less damage from the first strike inflicted by an enemy.
Vulpera Survival Kit: Find extra goods when you loot humanoids.
Fire Resistance: Take less damage from fire.

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