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Royale Realm The Next Frontier Battle Pass is coming to its end soon

29 lipca 2019, 03:32
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Realm nears the end of his adventure to the Next Border! With the arrival of the OB20 update (scheduled next week), the Next Frontier Battle Pass will leave the Royale Realm to make room for our next Battle Pass: Eternal Conflict. To learn more about Eternal Conflict, be sure to listen to our Update Event on Wednesday at 11:00 ET on the official Realm Royale Twitch and Mixer channel. This is your last chance to open interesting science fiction-themed cosmetics such as Mount Mekkasaur, Radon Flux Mage, Mount HL-1700, Hi-Tek Warriors and more! To help you get the final prize, we will run a triple XP event this weekend.

Hunters get some love in the form of large cooldown reduction for Proximity Trap abilities. Skillful hunters can use mines that can be dumped as an Arrow Blast in an emergency, and reduced cooldown must make their abilities much more competitive. These changes also indirectly target the meta dominant Warriors who will often try to fight long-distance players inside the building. Best and Cheapest Realm Royale Crowns For Sale -

We also introduce new items in this Battle Pass, with two map markers that can be obtained - place these markers in your mini-map and your game signs will turn into colorful voxel columns or a beam of futuristic energy! Plus you will unlock a selection of titles, avatars, sprays and more - this Battle Pass features a variety of science fiction themed items that you can use to enhance your Royale Realm experience.

Royale Realm, is a battle royale, with a similar third person shooting to other non-play titles from Hi-Rez Studios, Paladins. The unique twists included in this game are the ability to make items and after you fall, you turn into a chicken, run together and try to avoid incoming shots. The previous two battles for Realm Royale have prehistoric themes and Pirates vs Ninja.

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