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World of Warcraft Classic services became severely loaded

12 września 2019, 05:16
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World of Warcraft Classic has been hit by a DDoS attack this weekend, which began on Saturday, and although Blizzard said the problem has now been resolved, some players still report that they cannot log on certain servers. As Kotaku reported, this DDoS attack began around 11:00 ET (3pm UK time) yesterday, with a group called UKDrillas claiming responsibility, stating on Twitter that they would bike through the WoW Classic server with their DDoS shots (the group's Twitter account has since been suspended).

Blizzard Entertainment revealed on Sunday that several online WoW services were still affected by a series of DDoS attacks recently launched on its servers. Reported interruptions cause some players to experience high latency and interruptions in their playing sessions. Game engineers can bring back the world of WoW that was affected online and then stabilize it. However, they warned that some players might still face login problems until they finished their maintenance work on the server Monday morning.

Connection errors began at around 11 AM EST and have continued ever since. Blizzard is currently aware of this DDoS attack on WoW Classic, and is doing its best to get the game back on track. It seems that fans quickly found the individual or group behind the attack. The Twitter account known as UKDrillas claimed praise for the attack, announcing it about 30 minutes before it began.

Blizzard does not yet have a timeframe for when everything will return to function, but some players expressed how upset they were with social media. And understandably, because there are no poems or reasons for such actions. Stay tuned to and we will be the first one to inform you all the latest. Besides, our website also offer Cheap WOW Classic Power Leveling for players.


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