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Jacob & Co AT800.30.BD.UA.B Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette

10 sierpnia 2019, 09:32
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Jacob & Co AT800.30.BD.UA.B Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette Replica watch


Replica Jacob&Co. Introducing the $1 million Astronomia flawless in a transparent sapphire case

This week marks the beginning of the debut of the 2017 new timepiece in Geneva. In addition to the opening of the International Exhibition of Fine Watches (SIHH) tomorrow, many top brands also showcase their latest works in various places. Around the city. For example, Jacob&Co. This week he chose his latest jacob and co astronomia Flawless watch debut. Based on the famous Astronomia Gratronational Triple Axis tourbillon watch with sun, moon and globe, the latest watch is fully updated and the sapphire case is transparently visible from all sides of the complex movement.

The name “perfect” is synonymous with a term in the diamond world, where perfection refers to the highest grade of diamond clarity. In fact, Astronomia Flawless uses a monolithic sapphire case with a case (case and lugs as a solid case), a dome and a bottom cover. In addition, this watch movement features a sapphire tube, a blue sapphire dial and a sapphire clasp on a blue strap.

According to Jacob Arabo, founder and CEO of Jacobs, the goal of this version is to provide a panoramic view of the sport. The original case of this watch has metal edges and sides, while the new case is a completely transparent sapphire unit. This is a very difficult thing to achieve, and it turns out that so far only a handful of high quality replica watches brands have been able to release a completely transparent sapphire case.

In fact, it takes about 37 weeks to produce a sapphire component. The process from the beginning to the end of the dome consists of nine steps, from cutting raw materials to grinding, working on CNC (computer numerical control) machines, polishing, fine polishing, ultrasonic cleaning and anti-reflection treatment - all of which take nearly 300 hours. To complete each dome.

The production of the case requires an additional six steps, and each step requires a total of 326 hours. It takes nearly 300 hours to cut, polish, chamfer and brush to complete the sapphire base. Every Swiss has a small sapphire disc that represents the dial, which takes 280 hours to complete, and the time to make a sapphire strap buckle is similar. As a result, more than 40 steps totaled more than 1300 hours into making a single timepiece - unable to withstand the construction of the sport.

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